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Kabbalah Kirtan / YofiYah - MP3/320 $9.99

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Dodi Li $1.29
Hamakom Hazeh $1.99
Echad B'Echad $1.99
Yishakeni $1.99
L'chah Dodi $1.29
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Oseh Shalom $1.29

Kabbalah: the mystical teachings of Judaism. Kirtan: the art of devotional chant. Bring them together, and you unfold the beauty of Kabbalah Kirtan, an ecstatic new musical form that invites you to sing to and join with God. On Kabbalah Kirtan, YofiYah offers her gifts as a voice teacher, artist, and improvisational musician to create a safe and spiritually charged environment for listeners from all traditions to find and free their authentic voice, and experience the presence of God. Our unity with God is likened to that of lovers, she explains. As we come together,we delight in the other's otherness, but at the moment of union both self and other fade into an ineffable oneness. Kirtan is among the most powerful methods we have of surrendering to this love. Using vocals, harmonium, frame drum, tabla, oud, bansuri flute, and more, Kabbalah Kirtan is your invitation to experience the ecstasy and liberation of this passionate, sacred connection. Detailed liner notes with translations of each Hebrew chant help you understand the message as you move closer to the meeting.